What Is The Etiquette Of Falling Asleep On A Trans-Atlantic Flight And Waking Up To Find A Sleeping Russian Romeo Nuzzling His Head Under Your Arm And Getting Cozy?

LOL.  What can be said.

I remember waiting to board my flight and having the desk call up a bunch of Russians… a gaggle of them went to the desk.  How did I know they would be next to me? LOL.  Well, I board…and sure enough… the group took up the whole row behind me… and all of my row… except for me on the aisle.  Next to me was a young guy about 20 years old.. and next to him was his hottie girlfriend.  As the flight progressed… I saw that she fell asleep… leaning on him…. and then he fell asleep… and he leaned on her.  I was keeping myself amused.  When I was not watching a movie on my iPad… I was looking at them and thinking how nice it is to be 22, have a hottie for a significant other… and to hang all over each other in pseudo-public.

Well, you know how the flights across the Big A are… sooner or later you are gonna fall asleep.  About 5 hours into a 8 hour flight… I woke up… and I felt something rooting around under my left arm…something warm… .something “trying to snuggle”…. !!!

For a minute there I had to think where I was … LOL.

I opened my eyes and turned my head… only to find the Russian dude had leaned over against me… and was snuggling up to get comfortable!  LOL.

Here are the details:

  1. The person doing the snuggling is the same sex as you.
  2. You don’t want to make a big scene on the plane… you are packed in like sardines.
  3. You don’t want to scream Movie in a crowded Firehouse.
  4. You have to sit next to the guy for the remaining 3 hours of the flight.

My question is:  How do you handle this situation?

I was contemplating just sitting there…. and doing nothing… not to make a scene… when suddenly… I felt his whole body stiffen.  LOL.  he woke up… and then he freaked when he realized that he was snuggling up to the wrong person!  He kept his cool… stayed that way for about a minute…. long enough to make his soon to be executed flip-flop seem plausible.  Ha Ha  He did a “I am still sleeping… and I am going to flip-flop from nuzzling this dude next to me… to my heterosexual affirming hottie girlfriend’s lap”.

I just had to laugh.  I did not laugh out loud, but I laughed on the inside (LOTI).

Since I was tired… I thought I would just go back to sleep… which was what I did.

The things that happen to me…. LOL


~ by Rick Andrade on October 4, 2010.

One Response to “What Is The Etiquette Of Falling Asleep On A Trans-Atlantic Flight And Waking Up To Find A Sleeping Russian Romeo Nuzzling His Head Under Your Arm And Getting Cozy?”

  1. This one made me laugh Rick…I cannot even imagine. Now watch…it will happen to me on my next cross-US adventure.

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