Why Do Big Companies Do What They Know is Wrong To Our Accounts And Services… In The Name Of Helping Us?

I get really annoyed. What ever happened about contracting with somebody for service… and then acting like Ron Popeel…. you know… the maker of that Rotisserie Oven…. the one where you can “SET IT, AND FORGET IT” !!!

I don’t care what you are doing now a days. If you contract for cellular service, high speed internet, a security system for your house… nothing is as easy as it used to be.

Take my high speed Internet Service Provider… let me refer to them as “Dim Dwelling”. You know who they are. I contracted for High Speed Internet… a certain bandwidth for a certain amount of money. Easy Peasy? No, exactly the opposite! See, when I got the new cable modem installed when I kicked it up to their hypersonic speed cable modem…. you know… the higher Bits/Sec throughput of my network traffic… Suddenly crap did not work on my internet.

What happened? Well a few years ago… the technician installed the new hardware… and things were working out. I was able to have some fast traffic. The next morning I woke up… and not a single internet related object in my house…that relied on Dim Dwelling… was working. I called up… and got relayed half way around the world… lets just say …that Dim Dwelling had a THRILLA IN MANILLA with my name on it. After trying to transliter a gal’s Tagalog/English into something I could understand, I asked her to forward me to a number in the United States of America…she complied…and I got a real cool guy that was about 20 miles from my house… ha ha. He told me that it was Dim Dwelling’s policy to start up all people on their cable modems… with a free routing service…. their cable modem would act as a router. Because it was doing this… without my permission, none of my multiple routers in my house would work.

People try to blame me for having multiple routers, different servers, NAS devices, servers, security video and all that routed the way I want to do it. I maintain my own systems…. and I want my traffic… on my side of the multiplexed IP address… to route as I see fit…not what some Jack Knob sitting in a Dim Dwelling Ivory tower wants to do.

The guy was excellent, turned off the routing of the cable modem…. (that is…activating ‘bridge mode’ for you techies out there)… and put a note on my account. I was once again… fat, dumb, and happy… my routing was being handled by equipment under my direct control…and in my physical house.

Zoom into Friday night… there I was… streaming video into my 24” iMac (Lassie Come Home – by the way… ha ha….) and suddenly… my whole network goes dead. My cable modem resets….. all my routers are in fault mode… and nothing works. A quick call to Dim Dwelling…and they say that everything is now fine…. I reset my routers, and bang… I am back up and running. I then finish my movie…. go to bed…. and when I wake up in the morning… I have a repeat performance.

I was so mad… I called up Dim Dwelling…. and got some buttocks Jester from Djibouti. I asked specifically if he had turned on the cable modem to route my traffic and he would not answer me. It appears that he was routing my internet traffic…for my own good! Argh! [By the way… did you know that the capitol of Djibouti…is Djibouti !!! LOL] He ignored me…and finally after having asked to be routed to the US for help…was told that “NO” he would not route me to a US Call Center. He said that they would do the same service for me that he was…and that it was not cost effective. I responded “what….? They going to lie to me too? !!!”

Grrrrrr…… finally I asked why he would not answer my question…. and never admited to turning on the routing capability to my cable modem, but when I said I was going to call up Dim Dwelling and complain… he told me that he just reset my cable modem…and he was assuring me that it would all work. We ended our phone call…. after making an appointment with Dim Dwelling service for Wednesday…. and…I tried to activate my routers. I had to do hard resets on them… and I waited for 30 minutes with the cable modem turned off… and voila…. le cable modem marche bien (it works!).

My main point is… why…when the customer requests something…that the stupid people at the company…. go against notes in your account…and does…what is had documented that you don’t want done?

They say that modern life is tough… well, it is tough…and getting tougher … mostly due to DOUCHEBAGS such as these guys at Dim Dwelling !!!

If I could get another service for high speed internet at my address…. I would. AT&T U-VERSE doesn’t count: the county gave them permision to dig the shit out of my yard and to wire my house for their shitty ass fiber…. no thanks AT&T…. I ain’t jumping out of the frying pan into the fire, bitches!!!

Sometimes when you have an IQ over 100 … and you are forced to deal with people who are just … for whatever reason… incompetent… it can drive me crazy. Most of the people who read will ead this… know my pain, feel my pain, and are getting heartburn right now remembering how Dim Dwelling has screwed them over too!

This just goes to show one thing… I am leary of anybody who does anything…. FOR MY OWN GOOD !!!


~ by Rick Andrade on May 9, 2016.

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