Why was my 1TB Hybrid Hard Drive On My Mac Book Pro OVER 27% FRAGMENTED?

Just a quickie… I was shocked the other day when Drive Genius popped up a warning telling me that my 1 TB Hybrid Drive was over 27% fragmented. How did that happen? !!!

I did not stay freaked out for long… it is a “hybrid” drive after all!

What is the big deal? Well hybrid drives are mostly a regular electro-mechanical system… a bunch of spinning drive plattens with a magnetic coating on the top and bottom of each. A read/write head assembly passes over the areas reading and writing as needed as the disk spins. An armature moves the drive head in and out along the disk. Also, a hybrid drive has a small Solid State Drive (SSD) component.

It is the SSD part … and the integrated heuristics in the drive electronics that interface with the computer that is the culprit. It is all as designed. As I use different programs, the heuristics watch to see what I am using. They do this to load the parts of files (File blocks) into the faster SSD memory, for faster reference. As I used different data or programs, the heuristics track different usage patterns … and they move files back and forth between the normal part of the disk and the SSD part.

All business as usual… but over the course of a year…. I guess that the drive became fragmented enough to trigger Drive Genius’ threashold for defragging. 😉

It seems to me that defragging is a small price to pay for the incresed read access to what I am running…. especially when it helps to save time by making applications load faster.

Sometimes I am too clever for my own good… LOL. I simply defrayed over night… and when I woke up… my computer is back to its peppy self again. My oh my, do my applications load quickly! I recommend that if you are going for a replacement drive… to check out a hybrid drive. They are really awesome!


~ by Rick Andrade on May 12, 2016.

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