Why NOW is the time for me to have an Apple Watch…


When I first heard about the Apple Watch, i was curious about how it was to be implemented. I was disheartened that it was so expensive. Since I was an owner of the original iPhone, I was used to the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS overpowering it. I told myself that I was not going to buy a first generation Apple Watch… and fall into the same old routine. I hated that newer apps would not run on the older first generation iPhone technology… and that I was constantly falling behind in capability as compared to those who had the lastest hardware.

I found out…that instead of a feature loaded 2nd Generation Apple Watch being released within a year’s time, the watch was pushed off to (what some believe to be) September 2016. This watch won’t have the FaceTime that everybody is CRAVING… it is only going to be a watch buffetted by a faster processor and some improved electronics… not the Dick Tracy Style watch that all of us have been waiting for.

Dick Tracy functionality is coming… but the pundits say that it won’t be for another year… perhaps September 2017. Since these new watches are bound to be even more expensive that the current first generation Apple Watch… I decided to enter the race… and buy one. I found one at a fraction of the cost on eBay. I was so lucky that the used watch I got was in near mint condition. I outfitted the Apple Watch with Bamboo wooden Watch Charger, a bumper case to keep the watch from being banged up and a tempered glass screen protector. All three of these were had for less than 20$.

Today was my first day with my new Apple Watch… and it fits and suits the way that I use technology very well. It helps me get access to the many things that pop up as notifications…e-mails, messages/texts, etc.

I took to the watch very quickly and within my first day, I see that it is very easy to operate. I enjoy using it and I find it very useful. I have had a bit of a strange time sifting through the apps that are available in the Apple Watch App Store. I am disappointed that there are not more than there are… but I am sure that more are being written every day. (I found a good little Facebook App for the Apple Watch called LittleBook. It works for those moments when you want to see a more complete picture of your Facebook activity.)

The current version of Watch OS is 2.2.2. In September a more compelling version of Watch OS will be released… version 3.0. I think that the new API’s (Application Programmer’s Interfaces) will encourage more interesting Apps to be written. Version 2.2.2 is pretty solid right now… and I can hold out until Watch OS 3.0 is available.

I think that the Apple Watch Experience will only get better. I have a few friends who have Apple Watches and they said I would love it. How did they know? LOL. 😉 I guess they were right… as I am not an Apple Watch FAN! Of course, people will say that I love the Apple Watch because I am an original Apple FanBoy… but I say no. i like the way that things like the “digital crown” work…and how the software is well thought-out. I think the way the hardware is designed…and the vision with which the software is developed… yield a very satisfying experience.

I can finally accept my place as a proud Apple Watch owner… and look to my friends and say… “what have taken all of you so long?”.


~ by Rick Andrade on July 21, 2016.

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