Am I mad that I just bought an Apple Watch and the newly updated Apple Watch “S” and the upgraded Apple Watch 2 are due in September?

No! First off, I got my current 1st Generation Apple Watch “used”. It was very affordable… and it will still run the vastly improved WatchOS 3. For a used watch… it came in PRIMO 1st Class shape…. and I have really gotten used to it. I am getting so that unless i have to, I hate pulling my phone out of my messenger bag or even grabbing it off my desk and unlocking it. Last Friday I left my watch at work and although I told myself that if I was out and about nearby, I would stop into the office and grab it (yes, I use it that much) I decided to wait until I went into work on Monday to grab it. LOL. It was the first thing that I did when I sat down at my desk. I had left it on the charger. I have three Apple Watch charge cords… one for home in my bamboo wood Apple Watch / iPhone charger station, one in my car, and one at my desk… so I won’t get caught off guard.

Is the concept of an upgraded 1st Generation Apple Watch Appealing? Yes it is. Who does not want better water-proofing and a faster 10 NM lithographic process CPU? Funny thing… the upgraded version (which I refer to as the Apple Watch S) might sell for the same amount of money as the original (before the discount that they are currently offering). I got my watch for a very good price… so even if the new one goes for the new price… I got such a great deal for my old price… that I am still happy for what I paid for it!

What about the new Apple Watch 2? Well, the 1-Layer glass is sweet… and a radio is cool… and a GPS is cool…. and a bigger battery is cool… the size has not changed. The CPU is more powerful and smaller, but with the new additions of a bigger battery paired with the radio and POWER HUNGRY GPS… I don’t really know what you are getting. It would be nice to take the Apple Watch “solo”…and guide myself around with just the watch…. but one thing that most people don’t get is that I don’t mind grabbing my phone with me. It goes where I go…and it is just something I automatically grab.

This afternoon, when I went to lunch, I was in the elevator going down to the building lobby. I was wondering how my dad was. My phone was in my pocket … and I wanted to call him. I brought my dad up and dialed him. I was talking to him on the watch (albeit tethered to my iPhone 6+) and was doing really well. As I walked to my car, I auto started my Chrysler 200S with the key fob. As I reached for the door, my bluetooth in the car…took over from my Apple Watch… and I sat down behind the wheel and kept on chatting. I did not miss a beat. After I hung up and I was close to picking up my friend Miguel, it occurred to me how Sci-Fi-esque this whole concept was. It was actually pretty darn amazing… and I did it so effortlessly.

Look, I got it. People need the best of everything. If people like my friend Miguel are holding out until it has its own GPS… that is fine. I just hope that nobody expects me to stop using the original Apple Watch… as it is very useful for me. If the Apple Watch is something that you would never wear (due to fake Apple Culture, or whatever) that is fine. You can strap some Android Gear onto your keester and keep on…keeping on. After all, where Apple Watch or Android Gear is concerned, using either of them is not a CRIME! (YET!)


~ by Rick Andrade on August 8, 2016.

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