The Number One Thing I Hate About Office For Mac 2016…

Although MS Office for Mac is a far cry from Office For Mac 2008, there is still one thing that I cannot stand about it. Sure, unlike the 2008 version a huge document did not pop up…. pages and pages in fact… telling us how it was not compatible with regular MS Office for the PC… but there is a deep dark annoying aspect that is lurking in MS Office 2016 for Mac that makes me want to groan and sing…. not necessarily at the same time though!

I guess I have beat around the bush enough… my main pet peeve is that every time I open one of the programs, there is a huge BufFix download waiting to go! In fact, the bugFixes are usually so huge, it freaks me out and makes me delay working on what I am doing. On the one hand, bravo… Microsoft is keeping the Office Suite upgraded and fixing bugs that can cause data loss or leak data to others. That makes me happy. Still, when i am in a hurry… and a huge patch wants to download… shoot…. I may just click away…activate the download and not get my work done.

What to do…what to do? LOL.

I know that I am not the only person who feels consternation with this… my roommate is always having an explosion about this…. especially when he is in a hurry. Sometimes when one of the Mac’s i am using has this problem, I will give him the heads up…. “Hey Dave, you might want to open MS Word or something… there is a 3 GB update out there waiting to waste your time!” He is appreciative.. and usually does it before he needs one of the programs for something useful …like work.!

Well, I guess that the old adage that people can never be satisfied is true…. at least where this is concerned.


~ by Rick Andrade on August 28, 2016.

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