Why I gambled on CUJO to Add an Extra Level of Security to My Home Network

First off, … CUJO is not affiliated with Stephen King’s rabbid canine! What is CUJO… and why would I ever have one on my home netowrk? Well, as https://www.getcujo.com/press/ says:

What is CUJO?

  • CUJO is a plug-and-play, smart home security device that protects the connected home from the latest and most-sophisticated virtual intrusions such as malware, viruses and hacking techniques. CUJO uses self-learning technology to keep watch over computers, smart phones, baby monitors, TV’s and other connected devices by constantly updating itself to block new threats
  • Created by online security experts with extensive experience fortifying software and hardware against virtual threats, the company is situated to transform the face of cybersecurity.


Basically anything on your home network that grabs an IP address…. is a possible target for hackers. I have a large amount of internet connected “things”… at my house…. so I always try to do what I can…. to keep my syustems safe.

Some key things about the CUJO are:

Key Facts

  • Applies machine-learning security to protect homes.
  • Combines device and cloud-based security services.
  • Protects against malicious sites and home hacking.
  • Protects devices connected to your network: from PCs to thermostats.
  • Plug-n-play, no professional setup needed.
  • Developed in Los Angeles, California.
  • MSRP of $99 and $8.99 per month for service.

I first saw CUJO on Indiegogo… and paid for one right away. When it finally got delivered, I opened it up, plugged it in, and took off running. There are a few ways to setup CUJO….and I guess I did not choose the best way, but it was the easiest. Was I afraid to set it up and take time to master it? No! The choice for using the quick way was made for me by how my ISP sets up… or attempts to setup their networking hardware… and that fact that I assign my own IPs and do my own custom routing. When this type of setup is in effect, one must basically use the simple way. One thing I know for sure, Complex or Simple… CUJO is protecting my network.

There is an iOS App that notifies me if I am having an intrusion. When i have network traffic that is outside of learned parameters I can permit the new type of traffic or activity or stop it dead in its tracks. That is pretty awesome. I don’t recommend this for everybody, but I know what is on my network… and know what the hardware on the network is doing…or rather should be doing.

If I were to get an alert, I would look at it and no for sure if things were safe or if the network was at risk.

At any rate, for those that want to fully check out the CUJO appliance, click on this link and find out more:



~ by Rick Andrade on September 18, 2016.

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